You should consider Vimich Transportation Logistics only if:
  1. You would like to lower your Transportation Cost- There is no charge for any of services, our financial success is directly tied to performance, when we perform you win. Our typical client savings is 8 to 12% and our fees are generally in the 2 to 4% range.

  2. You would like to get one invoice a week for all your activity instead of 100's of invoices which ties up your accounting department- We will supply a weekly invoice for all your activity, along with your specified general ledger account number allocation, thereby relieving your accounts payable staff of up to 50% of their time since every product shipment also has a freight invoice.

  3. You would like your professional buyers to spend their time on their core competence which is reducing your material costs and not chasing freight- Our team will manage carriers, supply chain and administration resulting in the optimized use of your time working on the business and not in it.

  4. You would like to capitalize on best practice transportation management methodology - Our business intelligence tools provide total control over supply chain, consolidations and milk runs. The tracking and reporting provided results in increased efficiency and profitability.

  5. You would like to take advantage of a world class state of the art proprietary software platform- Our system is custom designed to your business rules and integrated with best practice methodology for compliance and control, reporting, documentation, optimized tracking, managing and increased response time.

  6. You would want a team of seasoned professionals managing your logistics - Processes, Technology and Methodologies are only as good as the team competency that manages them. Our solid team has over 100 years managing transportation and to our credit in the JIT market has never such down a single plant in 25 years. Beyond experience our corporate culture is rooted in manufacturing which means we get it, we know your needs, challenges and consequences of delivery failure. Our transportation solution takes into account your specific transportation concerns such as (Production Scheduling, Inventory, Personnel, Finance, Inbound Supply and Outbound Distribution.)

  7. You would like a logistics firm that will "NEVER SAY NO". When you become our client we will move your freight no matter what, failure is not an option, we will get it there, "ONE CALL DOES IT ALL", gone are the days of you chasing someone to move your freight.

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