I just wanted to share something with you guys, I've been on daily conference calls with Chrysler since we're past due on shipments and having to expedite so frequently.
Today they made a comment saying that the execution of the expedites / logistics have been fantastic.
I completely agree -- you guys are the best -- THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO !!

Dayne Lee, Sr. Production Control Coordinator, ABC

Thank you for helping straighten the issue with the shipments so quickly. The fact that we were able to get those shipments re-routed quickly on Monday reduced what could have been a good deal of loss production time on our end.

Joe Gonzalez, Freight Specialist, ABC

We really don't worry when Vimich has the loads :)

Beth Ballweg, Caterpillar Requirements

Vimich Team,
It is wonderful to know I can always count on you guys to do your best and provide updates when it is necessary and last night was another example of your exemplary work. The module that you expedited in for me was critical to our Operations team and you ensured that we were notified at each milestone.
Thank you for your continued support,

Donna Walker, WMG

N.A.H.B Performance Systems Inc.
Bill Fitzpatrick, CPIM Operations Director

The detailed custom reports that are available from VTL are very insightful; HBPSI 's freight portfolio maintenance as related to supplier compliance issues or challenges that may arise is managed successfully on an ongoing daily basis. Prompt customer service while managing our freight portfolio along with substantial bottom line freight cost savings help us meet or exceed our daily manufacturing requirements. It continues to be a pleasure working with the Vimich Team professionals.

Sincerely, N.A.HB Performance Systems, Inc.

G3 Industries Inc. (Wire Maid) Divsion
Attn: Mr. Tim Marceille / Operations Mgr.
Mosinee, Wi

VTL has made a difference in helping G3 Industries use time and resources more efficiently, creating the opportunity for our Freight Logistics Team and other related and important aspects of G3 Mosinee's manufacturing process to focus more on what we do best and less on chasing freight.Time that used to be spent on organizing and implementation with regards to our freight portfolio is now taken care of with one call - to VTL....and the job is done.

A & A Manufacturing / New Berlin, WI
Attn: Mr. Chris Metrusias / Controller

VTL's quick response to customer service issues was just one outstanding quality. Our ability to provide answers right away with detail and an emphasis on getting the issue or challenge taken care of immediately resounded in high regards.We go the extra mile, providing 24/7 quality service while maintaining the integrity and compliance within A & A Manufacturing's daily freight service needs.

Donna J. Walker, Materials Manager

I just wanted to personally thank the team at Vimich for once again providing exceptional service and continuous communication to ensure that we knew at all times yesterday the status of our critical shipment.

Well done and I really cannot express in words how great it is to have the Vimich team as our partners in logistics!

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