If we were to summarize our supply chain services we would divide them into three categories.

  1. Product Flow- Our team will manage all movements of goods from supplier to customer including customer returns.

  2. Information Flow- Our team will manage all related steps in the process.

  3. Financial Flow- Our team will manage the financial transactions, terms and payment schedules.
You can trust the Vimich team of logistic specialists:
  • To monitor carrier compliance to our detailed instructions
  • To collaborate with suppliers to ensure that the movement of freight is conducted through specified routed carriers.
  • To continuously plan, track and manage the flow of inbound and outbound materials to ensure successful on-time delivery of goods.
  • To consistently perform logistical analysis to optimize efficiencies and cost reductions
In addition to the above services, customers also have the advantage of being able to view their routing letters online.

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