According to the Encarta dictionary's definition, Logistics is (a) the planning and implementation of a complex task and (b) the Planning and Control of the flow of goods and materials through an organization or manufacturing process.

According to our clients here is the definition of logistics:
  • Manage non-core logistics
  • Reduce cost through tactical improvements
  • Enhance supply chain performance through process enhancements
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Optimized logistical function
  • System wide upstream and downstream supply chain improvements
  • Provide business intelligence for good decision making
  • Reporting specifically tied to goals and objectives
  • Real time data and shipment visibility
  • Historical data tracking problems and inefficiencies

The Vimich view of Logistics echoes those descriptions. We provide the Planning AND Implementation or the Planning AND Control of the flow of goods and materials.

Our approach to logistics is meeting and exceeding the transportation requirements of our clients. This can only happen by taking a hands on approach and being pro-active not reactive.

Our team is in place to serve all of your logistics requirements 24/7 on workdays, weekends and holidays. When you need us, we're there to respond immediately to your needs!

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